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About The Author

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Author Jaydip Das

Jaydip Das, an MBA and a PMI PMP and Agile certified Project Management professional having 18+ years of works experience in IT and ITES industry in diversified domains. Early experience with the mechanical production and food processing industry worked as an added advantage in his career to understand human behaviour and navigate among the human mind.

Having grown up and completing education in beautiful North East India, Jaydip has travelled across India from North to South for professional purposes and travelled across East to West as a traveller to witness and understand India and it’s culture and people.

Jaydip wanted to be a monk and spent a precious period of his life in the preparation for a monk life. But life is uncertain. And life’s game sometime remains beyond the reach of human mind and plan. Jaydip found himself chasing after corporate career.

Jaydip feels because of his experience and practice for an ascetic life has always helped him to cope up better with the dynamics and complexity of the corporate world with a detached view as Krishna mentioned in Bhagavad Gita.

Jaydip believes that he is a Project Management and Software professional by profession but a Spiritual Leadership Transformation Catalyst by heart. He believes that while he working with his team and colleague in projects, he is not only delivering projects for client and organization, he is helping transforming beautiful lives of people he is working with and moulding future leaders, not followers.

About The Author

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Management Professional and ‘Human Leadership’ Inspirational Speaker Jaydip has presented over 100 + talks and workshop across prestigious educational institutes, spiritual conferences, industry conferences.

Through stories, through pain, through laugh, through spirituality, through technology, Jaydip shows how to set, progress and achieve higher in life.

Email: contact@authorjaydipdas.com

Mobile: +91 9884034254

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  • "God: The Best Friend and Guide" can become a savior in the lives of many and a teacher to many others due to nature of the themes it covers. The book itself carries the aura of mysticism and a touch of the divinity reading which will only be a boon to humans."

    Akhila Saroha
  • "Due to the universal nature of the book, it is bound to be on the shelves of coming generations as spirituality is not something that can be restricted to any one generation, or it would lose it applicability in any time."

    The Literature Today
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